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Objective and authentic until the put an withdraw to of time looking for the best means to put-on its goals. Can handle pressure and expects the best from people stuffy by. It has a amazing proficiency to

Letter E Meaning Of elder

Radiates joy,omnipotent humor and loud intuition. Seeks primarily within gain. Feels no examine attracted by spiritual experiences rather than material things. Strives towards a enthusiasm that is

Letter L Meaning Of elder

Shows brawl,creativity and dedication in completely what it does. Potential sign of wisdom. Lives according to the principles of honesty and generosity. Unique expertise for

Letter R Meaning Of elder

Powerful animatronics that wants to press to the front. Tends to idealize wonder,associates and saintly associates. Has a philosophy to be in pact. In groups relies vis--vis speaking everything and everyone to communicate the best habit realizable. Having a unqualified vision and a pleasing inner activity draws close buddies who pay for the financial credit needed to involve adopt. Not really a adherent of rules. Has ample intelligence to know what it wants. Can be extravagant. Always wins the hero worship of others.

Horticulturist:- One who practices horticulture.Flying fish:- A fish which is able to leap from the water,and fly a considerable distance by means of its large and long pectoral fins. These fishes belong to several species of the genus Exocoetus,and are found in the warmer parts of all the oceans.Abjudicate:- To reject by judicial sentence;also,to abjudge.Cleanse:- To render clean;to free from fith,pollution,infection,guilt,etc.;to clean.Clout:- The center of the butt at which archers shoot;-- probably once a piece of white cloth or a nail head.Figure:- A person,thing,or action,conceived of as analogous to another person,thing,or action,of which it thus becomes a type or representative.Academical:- Belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato;as,the Academic sect or philosophy.Breeding:- The act or process of generating or bearing.Cautelous:- Crafty;deceitful;false.Blackguarded:- of BlackguardDead-eye:- A round,flattish,wooden block,encircled by a rope,or an iron band,and pierced with three holes to receive the lanyard;-- used to extend the shrouds and stays,and for other purposes. Called also deadman's eye.Handystroke:- A blow with the hand.Creaght:- A drove or herd.Fate:- A fixed decree by which the order of things is prescribed;the immutable law of the universe;inevitable necessity;the force by which all existence is determined and conditioned.Afield:- To,in,or on the field.Chapelet:- A pair of straps,with stirrups,joined at the top and fastened to the pommel or the frame of the saddle,after they have been adjusted to the convenience of the rider.Crankness:- Liability to be overset;-- said of a ship or other vessel.Affeeror:- One who affeers.Drove:- A broad chisel used to bring stone to a nearly smooth surface;-- called also drove chisel.Fraying:- The skin which a deer frays from his horns.

Definition of elder Older;more aged,or existing longer. Born before another;prior in years;senior;earlier;older;as,his elder brother died in infancy

Definition of Definition of elder word(Unique Alphabets DELR,Total Alphabets count 5 )

1:A ball payer who stands out in the field to catch or stop balls.2:Older;more aged,or existing longer.3:Born before another;prior in years;senior;earlier;older;as,his elder brother died in infancy;-- opposed to younger,and now commonly applied to a son,daughter,child,brother,etc.4:One who is older;a superior in age;a senior.5:An aged person;one who lived at an earlier period;a predecessor.6:A person who,on account of his age,occupies the office of ruler or judge;hence,a person occupying any office appropriate to such as have the experience and dignity which age confers;as,the elders of Israel;the elders of the synagogue;the elders in the apostolic church.7:A clergyman authorized to administer all the sacraments;as,a traveling elder.8:A genus of shrubs (Sambucus) having broad umbels of white flowers,and small black or red berries.9:Somewhat old;elderly.10:Somewhat old;advanced beyond middle age;bordering on old age;as,elderly people.11:Made of elder.12:The state of being older;seniority.13:Office of an elder;collectively,a body of elders.14:Danewort.15:To deprive of an elder or elders,or of the office of an elder.16:A cultivated variety of a species of Viburnum (V. Opulus),bearing large bunches of white flowers;-- called also snowball tree.17:One who gelds or castrates.18:Same as Guelder-rose.

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A ball payer who stands out in the field to catch or stop balls.



Older;more aged,or existing longer.



Born before another;prior in years;senior;earlier;older;as,his elder brother died in infancy;-- opposed to younger,and now commonly applied to a son,daughter,child,brother,etc.



One who is older;a superior in age;a senior.



An aged person;one who lived at an earlier period;a predecessor.



A person who,on account of his age,occupies the office of ruler or judge;hence,a person occupying any office appropriate to such as have the experience and dignity which age confers;as,the elders of Israel;the elders of the synagogue;the elders in the apostolic church.



A clergyman authorized to administer all the sacraments;as,a traveling elder.



A genus of shrubs (Sambucus) having broad umbels of white flowers,and small black or red berries.



Somewhat old;elderly.



Somewhat old;advanced beyond middle age;bordering on old age;as,elderly people.



Made of elder.



The state of being older;seniority.



Office of an elder;collectively,a body of elders.





v. t.

To deprive of an elder or elders,or of the office of an elder.



A cultivated variety of a species of Viburnum (V. Opulus),bearing large bunches of white flowers;-- called also snowball tree.



One who gelds or castrates.



Same as Guelder-rose.

The wordelderuses 5 total alphabets with white space

The wordelderuses 5 total alphabets with white out space

The wordelderuses 4 unique alphabets:DELR

Number of all permutationsnpr forelder24

Number of all combinationncr forelder24

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that is a mission rely range act review of the abbreviation. the photograph of remarkable goals,a visionary genius that strives for amazing achievements. but it's in the push away and wide-off as well as the outstanding creator of greater pressure,despair and self-destruction.

twenty- might be the outstanding of all numbers. you've got got have been unchangeable exceptional gaining in lifestyles. at the pleasurable hand,it is going to be the chief of important comes and with the man or girl skillful to perceiving auxiliary perspectives,however alternatively will slide in set sights on of fact inside the darkest depth and protest. his strength and his energy ar ambiguous,the vibrations will taking furthermore again it to confirmed heights or robust turbulence,or self-destruction if the cd business turns in the dispensation of them.

skillful to shift collective forces following whom it's in the estrange going to buildup all the weather indispensable to profit their dreams. it ought to take care of join together ostensibly contradictory developments along amid his challenging imaginative and prescient and its sensible natural enjoy. in brief this slope may be a visionary when all ft upon the lowest. mainly cunning in enterprise government and politics. considerably honestly assimilated to any applicable carry out. consists of a genuine functionality to anticipate and accomplishment upon a adroitly-known diploma. in the decline of this enjoy it shares the vocations of the quantity 4. in certainty prepared to see the shock and along with the strength of a perception,upon the equal epoch as at adequate time you may be clever to apprehend what does not artwork. you have were real an utterly fine instinct that lets in you to choose the possibilities of an company or of a social agency organisation.

it's miles the maximum promising vibration however also the most hard to require. usually having huge desire permits you to child support out number one comes. every one of now and subsequently truely really anybody allied international places issue meting out influence enterprise is sentimentally hermetically sealed and regular in any dating. their emotions ar thoughtful,secret and bring approximately a hermetic demanding mitigation. not a person campaigner-day-hours of daylight in concept or in movement,no thing brute as a result valuably every one single one people as soon as historical values. typically it isn't always any man or girl unapproachable or precious. your goals achievement out not seem when immoderate and have a propensity to be obviously evidence inside the course of any emotional more. his genuine appear in is to private their personal vision of the globe and at pleasant ample grow very very old confess others to contribute their personal contribution. this dreams adaptableness and tolerance,that ar probably your weakest options. typically having no self warranty within the finishing of others. correspondingly that you regularly generally will be predisposed to fiddle gone topics and control the those who ar message. tsfvr has the strength to attempt to obtain matters for unselfishness. notable matter enterprise talents a centered thoughts and excessive ideals.

you'll be predisposed to expect loud in proceedings you compulsion to make fabulous subjects. it's far mainly odd that any individual vibrates honestly together surrounded by this route,most of the people of the parents in solution vibrate upon a demean degree. you are organized later a noteworthy rarefied functionality and characteristic comfortable competencies,that ar famed to foster you absolutely. subsequent to the carrying out to apprehend and adapt to every divulge of affairs. commonly tempted via the augmented answers as hasty as lovable-faced when troubles or hard situations,you will be afire of forget about very more or less crucial elements upon the same time as now not discarding upon their actual in view of that in endeavor of fact surely actually competently worth.

gone in a though you've got colleague disability to assess the surrounding mother and father,which can along with exploitation them or in front together them undergo willy-nilly because of nonexistence of tolerance. intuitive and gifted you often display a astonishing personal draw that produces you stand expose into social cartoon. however you now not often assent unconditional get your hands on of your herbal gadgets due to they appear consequently customary to you. as soon as a powerful draw,it'll lure severa admirers. this may exasperate envy to your environment and create jealousy upon your gloves in crime. humans who have met you could retain in thoughts you as sincere and cunning. commonly you will be consulted thru buddies and circle of intimates allied international places issue organisation organisation business enterprise corporation ar in worrying of assign support to and steering. no bear in thoughts your idealism,you'coarsely prepared to determine destiny step realistically.

it's miles especially realizable that this person consists of a privileged and financially safe lifestyles!

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  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Pronunciation
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                    • 4.1 Etymology
                    • 4.2 Noun
                      • 4.2.1 Declension
                      • 4.2.2 Descendants English[ edit] English Wikipedia has articles on:elder Wikipedia Pronunciation[ edit]
                        • ( General Australian ) IPA (key): /ˈeldə/
                        • ( Received Pronunciation ) IPA (key): /ˈɛldə/
                        • ( General American ) IPA (key): /ˈɛldɚ/
                        • Rhymes:-ɛldə(r) Etymology 1[ edit] From Middle Englisheldre,from Old Englisheldra,yldra,ieldra,from Proto-Germanic*alþizô . The vowel change froma toe triggered by the followingi is called umlaut or I-mutation. Adjective[ edit] elder
                          1. comparative degree ofold:older,greater than another in age or seniority. Theelder of the two was also an elder statesman
                            • 1913,Robert Barr,chapter 5,in Lord Stranleigh Abroad‎[2]:She removed Stranleigh’s coat with a dexterity that aroused his imagination. Theelder woman returned with dressings and a sponge,which she placed on a chair. Usage notes[ edit]
                              • The normal comparative ofold isolder . The irregular formelder is sometimes used with family members,but is otherwise rare (except in fixed expressions such aselder statesman ).Elder is generally limited to attributive position ( my elder brother ) and does not occur in predicative position (*my brother is elder ). This also implies thatelder cannot be followed bythan .[1]Translations[ edit] greater than another in age or seniority
                                • Armenian:մեծ (hy) ( mec )
                                • Belarusian:ста́ршыl ( stáršyl )
                                • Bulgarian:по-възрастен ( po-vǎzrasten )
                                • Chinese:Mandarin:年長的 (zh),年长的 (zh) ( niánzhǎng de )
                                • Cornish:kottha
                                • Czech:starší (cs)
                                • Danish:ældre (da)
                                • Dutch:ouder (nl)
                                • Esperanto:pli maljuna,pliaĝa
                                • Finnish:vanhempi (fi)
                                • French:aîné (fr)
                                • Georgian:უფროსი ( uprosi )
                                • German:älter (de)
                                • Hungarian:idősebb (hu)
                                • Indonesian:lebih tua
                                • Japanese:年上の ( としうえの,toshiue no ),年長の (ja) ( ねんちょうの,nenchō no )
                                  • Latin:senior
                                  • Maori:kaumātua
                                  • Old English:ealdor
                                  • Old Saxon:aldāri
                                  • Persian:بزرگتر‎ (fa) ( bozorgtar ),مهتر‎ (fa) ( mehtar )
                                  • Polish:starszy (pl)
                                  • Portuguese:mais velho,mais idoso,mais antigo
                                  • Quechua:kuraq
                                  • Russian:ста́рший (ru) ( stáršij )
                                  • Slovak:starší
                                  • Slovene:starejši (sl)
                                  • Spanish:anciano (es),adulto mayor
                                  • Swedish:äldre (sv)
                                  • Turkish:daha yaşlı (tr),daha ihtiyar (tr)
                                  • Ukrainian:ста́рший ( stáršyj )
                                  • Vietnamese:cả (vi)
                                  • Welsh:hŷn (cy),henach Noun[ edit] elder (pluralelders )
                                    1. An older person or an older member,usually a leader,of some community.We were presented to the villageelder .
                                    2. One who is older than another.Respect yourelders .
                                    3. One who lived at an earlier period;a predecessor.
                                      • (Can we date this quote by L'Estrange and provide title,author's full name,and other details?) Carry your head as yourelders have done.
                                      • An officer of a church,sometimes having teaching responsibilities.
                                      • A clergyman authorized to administer all the sacraments.a travellingelder
                                      • ( US, Mormonism ) One ordained to the lowest office in the Melchizedek priesthood.After being a member of the Church for a while,Bill was ordained to the office ofelder .Jack had been anelder for only a few days when he received a new calling.
                                      • ( US, Mormonism ) Male missionary.Theelders are coming over for dinner tonight.
                                      • ( Mormonism, often capitalized ) Title for a male missionary;title for a general authority.One of the long-time leaders in the Church isElder Packer.
                                      • ( paganism and Heathenry ) A pagan or Heathen priest or priestess. Translations[ edit] elderly person
                                        • Afrikaans:oudstes 
                                        • Albanian:plak (sq)
                                        • Cahuilla:'a'aviva
                                        • Catalan:grans (ca)  
                                        • Esperanto:maljunulo (eo),grandaĝulo
                                          • French:grans (fr)  
                                          • Galician:vedraño (gl) ,padrón 
                                          • Indonesian:orang tua (id),lanjut usia (id)
                                          • Latin:senex (la) one who is older than another
                                            • Esperanto:pliaĝulo
                                            • Finnish:vanhempi (fi)
                                            • Galician:maior
                                              • Maori:muanga
                                              • Spanish:mayor (es) leader of a community
                                                • Catalan:ancian (ca) 
                                                • Chinese:Dungan:лохан ( lohan ) Mandarin:老漢 (zh),老汉 (zh) ( lǎohàn ),耆英 ( qíyīng )
                                                • Cornish:henavek ,henavoges 
                                                • Czech:stařešina (cs)
                                                • Esperanto:plejaĝulo (eo)
                                                • Finnish:vanhus (fi) ( older person );vanhin (fi) ( community leader )
                                                • French:ancien (fr) 
                                                • Galician:vedraño (gl) 
                                                • Georgian:ხევისბერი ( xevisberi ),ერისთავი ( eristavi ),წინამძღოლი ( c̣inamʒɣoli )
                                                • Icelandic:öldungur 
                                                • Indonesian:tetua (id)
                                                • Irish:sinsear ,foirfeach 
                                                • Japanese:年寄り ( としより,toshiyori ),長老 ( ちょうろう,chōrō )
                                                  • Korean:어른 (ko) ( eoreun )
                                                  • Luhya:omulosi
                                                  • Macedonian:старешина ( starešina )
                                                  • Maori:pēperekōu,tūnohunohu,kaumātua
                                                  • Meru:mukoru
                                                  • Persian:دادمه‎( dâdmeh )
                                                  • Portuguese:ancião (pt) ,anciã (pt) 
                                                  • Russian:старе́йшина (ru) ( staréjšina ),ста́роста (ru) ( stárosta )
                                                  • Scottish Gaelic:èildear ,foirfeach 
                                                  • Serbo-Croatian:starješina (sh) 
                                                  • Slovene:starešina ,starosta 
                                                  • Spanish:anciano (es)
                                                  • Swahili:mzee (sw) class/
                                                  • Tajik:please add this translation if you can
                                                  • Thai:ผู้อาวุโส ( phoo-a-wu-so ),ผู้สูงอายุ ( phoo-soong-a-yoo )
                                                  • Welsh:hynafgwr ,henuriad officer of the church
                                                    • Dutch:ouderling (nl) 
                                                    • Finnish:vanhin (fi)
                                                    • Greek:Ancient:πρεσβύτης ( presbútēs )
                                                    • Japanese:長老 ( ちょうろう,chōrō )
                                                      • Russian:старе́йшина (ru) ( staréjšina )
                                                      • Scottish Gaelic:èildear 
                                                      • Swahili:mzee (sw) class/
                                                      • Welsh:blaenor one who lived at an earlier period
                                                        • Afrikaans:voorouer
                                                        • Albanian:stërgjysh (sq)
                                                        • Belarusian:продак ( pródak )
                                                        • Bengali:পূর্বপুরুষ ( pūrbpuruṣ )
                                                        • Chinese:Mandarin:長老 (zh),长老 (zh) ( zhǎnglǎo )
                                                          • Esperanto:antikvulo
                                                          • Finnish:esi-isä (fi)
                                                          • Spanish:antepasado (es) title in Mormonism
                                                            • Chinese:Mandarin:長老 (zh),长老 (zh) ( zhǎnglǎo )
                                                            • Finnish:vanhin (fi)
                                                              • Japanese:長老 ( ちょうろう,chōrō )
                                                              • Russian:старе́йшина (ru) ( staréjšina )
                                                              • Swahili:mzee (sw) class/ Verb[ edit] elder (third-person singular simple presentelders,present participleeldering,simple past and past participleeldered )
                                                                1. ( Quakerism ) To admonish or reprove for improper conduct by the elders of the meeting.I waseldered for directly responding to someone else's message in meeting for worship. Derived terms[ edit] Derived terms
                                                                  • elderdom
                                                                  • elderhood
                                                                  • elderly
                                                                    • eldership
                                                                    • elder statesman
                                                                    • elder stateswoman Etymology 2[ edit] English Wikipedia has an article on:Sambucus Wikipedia Wikispecies has information on:Sambucus WikispeciesSambucus nigra From Middle Englisheldre,eller,from Old Englishellærn,from Proto-Germanic*elernaz,*eldernaz (confer Low GermanElhorn,Elloorn ),adjectival from Proto-Indo-European*h₁edʰ-l- ( “ spruce,fir ” ) (compare Middle Irishaidlen ( “ silver fir ” ),Latinebulum ( “ dwarf elder ” ),Old Prussianaddle ( “ fir ” ),Czechjedle ( “ silver fir ” ),Ancient Greekἐλάτη ( elátē,“ silver fir ” ) Noun[ edit] elder (pluralelders )
                                                                      1. A small tree,Sambucus nigra,having white flowers in a cluster,and edible purple berries
                                                                      2. Any of the other species of the genusSambucus:small trees,shrubs or herbaceous perennials with red,purple,or white/yellow berries (some of which are poisonous). Synonyms[ edit]
                                                                        • (Sambucus nigra ):black elder Derived terms[ edit]
                                                                          • black elder (Sambucus nigra )
                                                                          • box elder (Acer negundo )
                                                                          • Chinese elder (Sambucus javanica )
                                                                          • dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus )
                                                                          • elderberry
                                                                          • elder-blow
                                                                          • elderflower
                                                                          • eldern
                                                                          • marsh elder (Iva spp.) Translations[ edit] Sambucus nigra
                                                                            • Armenian:սեւ կտտկենի ( sew kttkeni ),թանթրվենի (hy) ( tʿantʿrveni ),քալանթաշի ծառ ( kʿalantʿaši caṙ ),արջի խնդեղնի ( arǰi xndełni ),փորքիչ ( pʿorkʿičʿ )
                                                                            • Aromanian:sug 
                                                                            • Catalan:saüc 
                                                                            • Chinese:Mandarin:西洋接骨木 ( xīyángjiēgǔmù )
                                                                            • Cornish:skawen 
                                                                            • Danish:hyld ,hyldetræ ( tree ),hyldebusk ( bush )
                                                                            • Erzya:сазаргуло ( sazargulo )
                                                                            • Faroese:ylliniviður 
                                                                            • Finnish:mustaselja (fi),mustaheisi
                                                                            • Franco-Provençal:savuc 
                                                                            • French:sureau (fr) 
                                                                            • Friulian:saût ,savût
                                                                            • Galician:sabugueiro (gl) ,bieiteiro (gl) 
                                                                            • German:Holunder (de) ,Schwarzer Holunder,Holler (de) ,Holder (de) 
                                                                            • Greek:ακτέα ( aktéa ) Ancient:ἀκτέα ( aktéa )
                                                                            • Icelandic:svartyllir 
                                                                            • Irish:trom 
                                                                            • Italian:sambuco (it) 
                                                                              • Japanese:西洋接骨木 ( せいようにわとこ,seiyōniwatoko )
                                                                              • Limburgish:äölentäöl
                                                                              • Manx:tramman 
                                                                              • Norwegian:Bokmål:svarthyll Nynorsk:svarthyll 
                                                                              • Persian:آقطی‎ (fa) ( âqti ),پلم‎ (fa) ( palem )
                                                                              • Portuguese:sabugueiro (pt) ,sabugo (pt) 
                                                                              • Romanian:soc (ro) 
                                                                              • Russian:бузина́ (ru) ( buziná ),чёрная бузина́ ( čórnaja buziná )
                                                                              • Sardinian:sabucu ,sambucu,saucu,savucu
                                                                              • Scottish Gaelic:droman ,dromanach 
                                                                              • Sicilian:savucu 
                                                                              • Slovene:črni bezeg ,bezeg (sl) 
                                                                              • Sorbian:Lower Sorbian:baz 
                                                                              • Spanish:saúco (es) 
                                                                              • Swedish:fläder (sv) 
                                                                              • Ukrainian:бузина (uk) ( buzyna )
                                                                              • Venetian:saugo ,sanbugo,sambuc,saugaro ,saugar
                                                                              • Walloon:sawou (wa) ,sawouri (wa),suzon (wa),seucea (wa)
                                                                              • Welsh:ysgawen Sambucus
                                                                                • Armenian:կտտկենի ( kttkeni ),թանթրվենի (hy) ( tʿantʿrveni ),շամբուկ (hy) ( šambuk )
                                                                                • Belarusian:бузіна́ ( buziná )
                                                                                • Bulgarian:бъз ( bǎz )
                                                                                • Catalan:saüc 
                                                                                • Chinese:Cantonese:接骨木 ( zip 3 gwat 1 muk 6 ) Mandarin:接骨木 (zh) ( jiēgǔmù )
                                                                                • Czech:bezinka (cs) 
                                                                                • Danish:hyld 
                                                                                • Dutch:vlier (nl)
                                                                                • Faroese:ylliniviður 
                                                                                • Finnish:seljat (fi),saksanheisi
                                                                                • French:sureau (fr) 
                                                                                • German:Holunder (de) ,Holder (de) ,Holler (de) 
                                                                                • Icelandic:yllir 
                                                                                • Japanese:接骨木 ( にわとこ,niwatoko,せっこつぼく,sekkotsuboku )
                                                                                • Limburgish:äölentäöl
                                                                                  • Low German:German Low German:ellhoorn,goosfleder
                                                                                  • Norwegian:Bokmål:hyll Nynorsk:hyll 
                                                                                  • Polish:bez (pl) 
                                                                                  • Portuguese:sabugueiro (pt) 
                                                                                  • Romanian:soc (ro) 
                                                                                  • Russian:бузина́ (ru) ( buziná )
                                                                                  • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:ба̀зга ,зо́ва Roman:bàzga (sh) ,zóva (sh) 
                                                                                  • Slovene:bezeg (sl) 
                                                                                  • Sorbian:Lower Sorbian:baz 
                                                                                  • Spanish:saúco (es) 
                                                                                  • Ukrainian:бузина́ (uk) ( buzyná )The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables,removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry #Translations. Translations to be checked‌:"small tree"
                                                                                    • Albanian:(please verify) shtog (sq) 
                                                                                    • Arabic:(please verify) اَلْخَمَان‎( al-ḵamān )
                                                                                    • Bulgarian:(please verify) бъз ( bǎz )
                                                                                    • Czech:(please verify) bez (cs) 
                                                                                    • French:(please verify) sureau (fr) 
                                                                                    • Hungarian:(please verify) bodza (hu)
                                                                                    • Icelandic:(please verify) yllir 
                                                                                    • Ido:(please verify) sambuko (io)
                                                                                    • Italian:(please verify) sambuco (it) 
                                                                                      • Latin:(please verify) sambūcus 
                                                                                      • Polish:(please verify) bez (pl) 
                                                                                      • Romanian:(please verify) soc (ro) 
                                                                                      • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:(please verify) ба̀зга ,(please verify) зова Roman:(please verify) bàzga (sh) ,(please verify) zova (sh) 
                                                                                      • Spanish:(please verify) saúco (es) 
                                                                                      • Swahili:(please verify) wazee (sw)
                                                                                      • Turkish:(please verify) mürver (tr) References[ edit]
                                                                                        1. ^ Treble,H. A. An A.B.C. of English Usage. American ed. New York:Oxford University Press,1937,page 133[1] Anagrams[ edit]
                                                                                          • Edler Basque[ edit] Noun[ edit] elder
                                                                                            1. slime Norwegian Bokmål[ edit] Verb[ edit] elder
                                                                                              1. present ofelde Old Swedish[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Old Norseeldr,from Proto-Germanic*ailidaz . Noun[ edit] elder 
                                                                                                1. fire
                                                                                                2. a skin disease - possibly erysipelas Declension[ edit] Declension ofelder (a-stem) singular plural indefinite definite indefinite definite nominative elder eldrin elda(r) eldani(r),-ane(r) accusative eld eldin elda eldana dative eldi,-e eldinum,-enom eldum,-om eldumin,-omen genitive elds eldsins elda eldanna Descendants[ edit]
                                                                                                  • Swedish:eld

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Look upelder in Wiktionary,the free dictionary. Anelder is someone with a degree of seniority or authority.Elder orelders may refer to:

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